GTA West Corridor Review

Advisory Panel Role

The Terms of Reference for the GTA West Advisory Panel directs the Panel to conduct a strategic assessment of the GTA West project. More specifically it sets out the following tasks:

  • Assess the extent to which emerging technologies, trends and policy objectives may impact future travel demand for goods and passenger movement in the GTA West Corridor (2031 time horizon).
  • Examine the potential alternative approaches to meeting future transportation demand and infrastructure needs in the corridor using specific emerging technologies and service solutions.
  • For example, potentially enhancing/expanding existing infrastructure (both provincial and lower-tier) to address any localized network pressures, such as goods movement.
  • Assess the extent to which existing technical studies completed can inform the future infrastructure needs of partner ministries in the corridor (e.g. rail, hydro and other purposes).
  • Assess the need for protecting the GTA West Corridor for other transportation needs.
  • Assess options for the existing Environmental Assessment process, as informed by the analyses above.

The Advisory Panel will report back to the government in the form of a Panel Report, which will outline the strategic assessment results, recommendations on next steps and advice on a path forward for the Environmental Assessment process.

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