The GTA West Advisory Panel has reviewed the work to date on the GTA West Environmental Assessment process, including the consultation record.

The Panel welcomes submissions, and in particular is seeking feedback on the following questions based on the panel’s Terms of Reference:

How is your organization planning for the introduction and adoption of new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles, and how do you think they may change travel and transit demand in the Greater Toronto Area?

How does your organization foresee car sharing services, such as Uber, influencing travel and transit demand in the Greater Toronto Area?

How do you foresee recent Provincial policy directions, such as Moving Ontario Forward, Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, and the Coordinated Review of Provincial Plans, impacting the Environmental Assessment recommendations including the GTA West Corridor?

Are there other infrastructure improvements that could be made to address goods movement in the Greater Toronto Area?

Are there any other recent studies related to other infrastructure that are relevant?

Should the GTA West Corridor be protected for other transportation needs? What are your views on the appropriate path forward for the Environmental Assessment? Submission to the GTA West Advisory Panel can be made to the following email: [email protected] by November 11, 2016.

Notice Regarding Collection of Information

Any collection of personal information submitted to the GTA West Advisory Panel is in accordance with subsection 39(2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Organizations and Businesses:

Comments or submissions made on behalf of an organization or business may be shared or disclosed. By submitting comments you are deemed to consent to the sharing of information contained in the comments and your business contact information. Business contact information is the name, title and contact information of anyone submitting comments in a business, professional or official capacity.


Personal contact information will be used only to contact you and will not be shared. Please be aware that any comments provided may be shared or disclosed once personal information is removed. Personal information includes your name, home address and personal e-mail address.

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